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Our Solution

cloudtamer.io is comprehensive cloud governance software that allows you to manage your cloud presence at scale.

With cloudtamer.io, your team can easily request and manage cloud resources that are aligned with your budget, security, and compliance policies.

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icoAccount Management

Centrally manage all cloud accounts and resources aligned to your organizational hierarchy. Use federated single sign-on and multi-factor authentication, and get automated, self-service account creation with native cloud console access.

Budget Enforcement

Align your budget to your organizational structure and projects, and enforce your budget with actions to alert, freeze spend, and terminate spend.

Compliance Automation

Automate compliance with robust, inheritable access policies to ensure adherence to regulatory standards and restrict use of non-compliant cloud services.

Who We Help

We overran our cloud budget by $500K last year.”
cloudtamer.io helps executives gain visibility and centralized management of all cloud resources, as well as monitor and enforce cloud service spending.
It takes forever to get the resources I need to help a customer.”
cloudtamer.io helps managers  easily create accounts, approve requests, and grant access. It also reduces the time spent maintaining and enforcing regulations.
I can’t keep track of which services I should use due to compliance regulations.”
cloudtamer.io helps developers  by automating staff adherence to defined compliance standards. Through hierarchical Account Management, cloudtamer.io makes it easy for staff to identify who to ask for more funding.

Our AWS Experience

cloudtamer.io has delivered cloud governance to AWS customers for several years. We’re proud to be an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, a designation awarded to organizations who have built a strong AWS-based business.

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