About Us

We started as a team of engineers intent on providing impactful results for government and commercial organizations. Our specialty was designing solutions to help our customers get the most value from their cloud infrastructure.

As we helped customers move to the cloud, we often encountered the same challenge: how to maintain budgets and ensure security and compliance as cloud use scales. Not finding an existing solution to tackle this challenge, we created one. The result is cloudtamer.io, comprehensive cloud governance software that allows organizations to manage their multi-cloud presence at scale and, we hope, make our customers’ lives easier in the cloud.

We’re on a mission to make people’s lives easier in the cloud.

Meet Our Leadership Team

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    Brian Price

    CEO and Co-Founder Click to view the LinkedIn profile page for: Brian Price

    Brian leads cloudtamer.io and the strategy to achieve our mission. Before co-founding the company, Brian held technical and leadership roles at companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500. In his spare time, Brian loves crafting the perfect recipe in the kitchen while brainstorming the right ingredients for the company’s next success.

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    Joseph Spurrier

    CTO and Co-Founder Click to view the LinkedIn profile page for: Joseph Spurrier

    Joe leads the tech strategy and serves as lead architect for the cloudtamer.io product. He has a Master's in Business & Technology Management and over a decade of security, automation, and software development experience. A love for learning helps him stay current with the always-evolving tech industry.

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    John Lynch

    COO Click to view the LinkedIn profile page for: John Lynch

    As head of corporate operations for cloudtamer.io, John ensures our finance, human resources, recruiting, and facilities functions are running smoothly. He brings 10+ years of experience in corporate and governmental operations, with a focus in finance and contracts. When he's not taming business operations, he’s busy raising two young sons.

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