Cloud Governance


  1. Do You Have Compliance Confidence?


    Getting cloud resources in compliance with regulations and standards is a must for many organizations. Whether it’s internal or external standards, you’re likely expected to enforce some security measures in the cloud. In fact, on average, organizations comply with 13 different compliance and/or privacy regulations.1 But some of the data around this is not very […]

  2. Launches Cloud Governance Course


    ‘Cloud governance’ is not a new topic, but it’s one that’s often misunderstood. People tend to use it interchangeably with ‘cloud management’ or, based on just the mere sound of governance, they think it must be pure drudgery. In reality, cloud governance is what you need before you start down the path of cloud management. […]

  3. c7n-mailer: How to Integrate with Slack & Splunk


    In our 2.18 release, we announced the general availability of our continuous compliance functionality.  Continuous compliance brings the power of the leading open-source policy engine, Cloud Custodian, to I believe pairing Cloud Custodian with’s multi-cloud support to visualize, manage, and provide easy remediation for findings is a cloud security game-changer. But our initial […]

  4. How Poor User Experience Impacts Cloud Value


    We recently presented at FCW’s virtual Department of Defense (DoD) Cloud Workshop to discuss the unique challenges and complexities in the DoD landscape, where hundreds of cloud initiatives are currently underway. The event included speakers from the DoD’s Cloud Computing Program Office, DISA, USAF/A1, and the GSA.’s CEO, Brian Price, presented Accelerating Time to […]

  5. How to Shift Left & Down in the Cloud


    We recently partnered with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and EITR Technologies to deliver a webinar with the Cloud Security Alliance. In Shift Left and Shift Down in the Cloud, we covered examples of shifting left and shifting down in the cloud to improve and automate security. Shift left describes the process and tactics that […]

  6. 3 Tips to Build a Successful Cloud Strategy Roadmap


    The decision to leverage the cloud fundamentally changes an organization’s existing operating models. Before you get started with cloud governance, you need to transition to the cloud, which is no small feat. If you want to be successful with such a big change, it’s important to plan. That adoption plan is called your cloud roadmap. […]

  7. Integrating and AWS Control Tower


    I’m excited to announce our new integration with AWS Control Tower. We worked with the AWS Control Tower team to support the automatic enrollment of AWS accounts created by This means you can take advantage of AWS Control Tower and, without duplicating efforts. AWS Control Tower 101 AWS Control Tower was first announced […]

  8. Getting Started with Cloud Governance


    As you begin to grow and scale your cloud footprint, you quickly discover why governance is so important. Without governance, it becomes a challenge to: Understand who is accessing your cloud environments Get a clear line of sight into your organization’s cloud financials and set meaningful budget enforcements Establish boundaries across your organization to continually […]

  9. Introducing Continuous Compliance


    Our mission is to make peoples’ lives easier in the cloud. We developed this mission statement when we started because we wanted to align our internal team members and the needs of our customers. The cloud landscape – and our customers’ business objectives – continue to evolve.  As workloads grow, we want to ensure we […]