Cloud Governance


  1. 3 Tips to Build a Successful Cloud Strategy Roadmap


    The decision to leverage the cloud fundamentally changes an organization’s existing operating models. Before you get started with cloud governance, you need to transition to the cloud, which is no small feat. If you want to be successful with such a big change, it’s important to plan. That adoption plan is called your cloud roadmap. […]

  2. Integrating and AWS Control Tower


    February 2021 Update:  Since we first announced our integration with AWS Control Tower in June 2020, we’ve worked with the AWS Control Tower team to expand the integration in reverse to allow customers who provision an account through AWS Control Tower to automatically enroll the account with and place it in the Account Cache. We’ve also been listed as an AWS […]

  3. Getting Started with Cloud Governance


    As you begin to grow and scale your cloud footprint, you quickly discover why governance is so important. Without governance, it becomes a challenge to: Understand who is accessing your cloud environments Get a clear line of sight into your organization’s cloud financials and set meaningful budget enforcements Establish boundaries across your organization to continually […]

  4. Introducing Continuous Compliance


    Our mission is to make peoples’ lives easier in the cloud. We developed this mission statement when we started because we wanted to align our internal team members and the needs of our customers. The cloud landscape – and our customers’ business objectives – continue to evolve.  As workloads grow, we want to ensure we […]

  5. Why a Multi-Account Cloud Approach Is the Best Choice


    We’ve long been an advocate of the multi-account cloud approach at In this post, I’ll share the reasons why you’re much better off with more, rather than fewer, accounts. A Good Idea at the Beginning When companies started moving workloads from on-prem to cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google, many of them adopted […]

  6. Cloud Governance Choices: Build, Broker, or Enable?


    As organizations move more to the cloud and look to automate and reduce risk as they scale, many are weighing their cloud governance choices. First, you need to decide whether to build your own or procure a solution. If you’re procuring, you have two different types of cloud governance solutions; I think of these as […]

  7. 451 Research: Additions for Better Governance


    451 Research just released a new report highlighting some updates since their analysts last took a look at in 2019. You can download the full report to the right. (While you’re over there – sign up for our monthly email newsletter to get cloud governance news and insights delivered to your inbox!) Here’s a […]

  8. 5 Secrets to a Good Cloud Governance Discovery Session


    As a technical delivery manager, I work with both new and established customers to plan and implement cloud governance that works for the organization today and scales along with cloud presence. I’ve seen firsthand what makes for a smooth onboarding process. I’ve also seen the snags that arise when customers cut corners or prioritize short-term […]

  9. 451 Research: Brings Discipline to Cloud Deployments


    In this Market Insight report from 451 Research, analyst Jean Atelsek discusses why “governance and compliance is the biggest challenge facing enterprises when implementing cloud technology” and provides an overview of how is helping to address this challenge. “ addresses a key challenge of cloud deployments: establishing governance across dozens or even hundreds of […]