Cloud Governance


  1. How to Make the Cloud Culture Shift


    We just wrapped up a webinar where we partnered with AWS to present Enabling the Cloud Culture Shift with Automated Governance. Our take: the more things change… Yes, technology is obviously a big part of the seismic shift to the cloud. But, as in every tech shift, it still comes down to people, process, AND technology: […]

  2. 10 Signs You Might Need Cloud Governance


    Overrunning your monthly cloud budget is probably the most obvious indicator that you need more governance. However, less obvious signs could be hiding behind your cloud management policies and procedures. We highlight 10 of these signs and how a cloud governance solution helps with each one in this infographic.   Marianna leads marketing at

  3. Decoding the ADA and Its Impact on Your Cloud


    What is the Antideficiency Act and how does it effect cloud use within Government organizations? Learn more about this very old law, why it still matters today, and what you can do to stay on the right side of the ADA while operating in the cloud. Check out our related resource on the right, Achieving ADA […]

  4. The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Compliance Automation


    I’ve previously written about the key pillars of governance@scale that we built to address: account management and budget enforcement. Here are the important requirements for the last pillar: compliance automation. Policies should be set consistently For compliance to be effective, it’s critical to have a consistent set of policies that govern usage. We often […]

  5. The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Budget Enforcement


    We built around three key pillars of governance@scale: account management, budget enforcement, and compliance automation. In a previous post, I talked about the requirements of a robust account management solution. In this post, I’ll share some thoughts on what makes for good budget enforcement in the cloud and the benefits you should see as […]

  6. The ABCs of Cloud Governance: Account Management


    I previously wrote about why governance in the cloud must be approached differently than traditional IT governance and why governance matters so much today as organizations move more workloads to the cloud. We think automation is central to cloud governance, which is why we created to take the heavy lifting out of governing your […]

  7. Advice from AWS on Achieving Cloud Governance at Scale


    AWS just released a new white paper with recommendations to help organizations achieve governance as their cloud use scales. If you’re encountering issues as you scale – or want to plan now for anticipated growth –  AWS Governance at Scale provides a detailed look at: The management, financial, and compliance challenges encountered as cloud adoption grows […]

  8. 4 Reasons Why Cloud Governance Matters


    What is cloud governance? Cloud governance is the development and implementation of controls to manage access, budget, and compliance across your workloads in the cloud. At first glance, this definition may sound a lot like the definition of IT governance, just ‘in the cloud’. In fact, it’s tempting – especially in an organization’s early days […]

  9. Cloud Governance Featured on Government Matters


    I had the opportunity to participate in a recent episode of Government Matters that was sponsored by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The broad theme of the episode was security in the cloud, and my portion of the discussion focused on how cloud governance helps to ensure cloud security. Some of the topics I covered: How […]