1. How to Enhance Cloud Security with the AWS Security Maturity Roadmap & cloudtamer.io


    Whether your cloud presence is big or small, cloud security is a key concern. Threats – internal and external – aren’t diminishing, so security remains a key foundational element of a successful and reliable cloud environment. Security is a key focus for us here at cloudtamer.io. Scott Piper of Summit Route recently released his annual […]

  2. Simplify and Save Time with cloudtamer.io and AWS Security Hub


    I’m very excited to partner with AWS for our integration with AWS Security Hub, now available as of our 2.24 release. In Q2 of this year, we released our continuous compliance capabilities that featured an integration with Cloud Custodian, the multi-cloud, open source rules engine that provides an easy language to build out compliance checks and automated remediations. Our use of Cloud Custodian […]

  3. c7n-mailer: How to Integrate with Slack & Splunk


    In our 2.18 release, we announced the general availability of our continuous compliance functionality.  Continuous compliance brings the power of the leading open-source policy engine, Cloud Custodian, to cloudtamer.io. I believe pairing Cloud Custodian with cloudtamer.io’s multi-cloud support to visualize, manage, and provide easy remediation for findings is a cloud security game-changer. But our initial […]

  4. Engineer Screencast Ep. 3: AWS Billing Source Setup


    Now that you’ve deployed cloudtamer.io and tweaked the cloud service provider (CSP), user interface, and application settings to meet your unique needs, you’ll want to set up the AWS Billing Source. This will allow you to pull the latest financial information for your AWS accounts. In this screencast, I’ll show you how to enable the AWS […]

  5. Introducing Continuous Compliance


    Our mission is to make peoples’ lives easier in the cloud. We developed this mission statement when we started because we wanted to align our internal team members and the needs of our customers. The cloud landscape – and our customers’ business objectives – continue to evolve.  As workloads grow, we want to ensure we […]

  6. Engineer Screencast #2: cloudtamer.io Settings


    Our second engineering screencast walks you through the configuration of cloudtamer.io cloud service provider (CSP), user interface, and application settings. Configuring cloudtamer.io settings is a good first step after the initial deployment of the application. The cloud service provider (CSP) settings encompass both AWS and the Azure settings. Both sections of the CSP settings allow […]

  7. Engineer Screencast #1: cloudtamer.io Installation


    We’ve released the first of a series of cloudtamer.io screencasts. Our first video walks you through a typical cloudtamer.io installation in an AWS account. The video starts in the cloudtamer.io Support Center to show you how to download the application and database CloudFormation templates. You can then take those CloudFormation templates and launch CloudFormation stacks […]

  8. Do More In Azure with cloudtamer.io


    Microsoft Azure is a great choice for companies big and small who are looking to get into the cloud. Whether you’re excited by the offerings that this platform gives you or you’re looking for cost savings over operating on-prem infrastructure, there’s a lot to love in Azure. However, operating in the cloud isn’t always easy […]

  9. How cloudtamer.io Complements AWS: Billing and Cost Management


    We often get questions about how cloudtamer.io compares to or differs from capabilities provided by public cloud providers. In this blog series, we’re looking at how cloudtamer.io complements and extends native AWS functionality. In the final post in our series, we’re focusing on the budget enforcement pillar. Here’s how we complement and extend native AWS […]