Release News


  1. New in Release 2.28: Build a Custom Dashboard and Much More!


    We just released version 2.28, and we can’t wait for you to see the BIG changes we’ve made. As soon as you upgrade, you’ll notice a difference: we’ve transformed the landing page into a custom personal dashboard! Sound intriguing? Read on to learn about the new dashboard, along with many other changes we made […]

  2. New in Release 2.27: Color-Coded Compliance, Security, and Ease-of-Use Features


    Our newest release is now live! This month, we went big on compliance features, like viewing your compliance in new ways across objects and letting scans run longer. But if compliance isn’t your top priority, don’t worry! There’s plenty more to love in 2.27 for security, ease-of-use, and more! Plus, if you’re an AWS user, […]

  3. New in Release 2.26: Compliance Scores, Quick Connect, and More!


    Release 2.26 is now live! This month we focused on features that all users can enjoy, no matter their cloud provider, including a birds-eye view of compliance, quick and easy object creation, and more! And yes, we still snuck in a few updates that are specific to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Read on to […]

  4. New in Release 2.25: Google Cloud Support, Integration, and More!


    It’s a big day at! We just released 2.25, and we are so excited to announce that now supports our 3rd cloud provider! Welcome to the party, Google Cloud! If you’re already using Google Cloud, you’ll be able to use to integrate it seamlessly with your other cloud providers. If you’re not, […]

  5. New in Release 2.24: Azure Policy Compliance, AWS Security Hub Integration, and More!

    4 MINUTE READ release 2.24 is now live, and it includes some awesome integrations for those that use multiple tools for compliance. Plus, we have enhanced some of the features our users love most. Read on to learn more about the highlights of 2.24! For Azure users: Azure policy definitions as compliance checks has long supported […]

  6. New in Release 2.23: AWS SCPs, Permissions Boundaries, and More!


    We just released version 2.23 of our cloud governance software, and it’s hard to fit all of the new features into a blog post! This month we focused on more granular and easier permissions control, better visibility into your compliance status, new savings opportunities, and more. Here’s what you’ll find in release 2.23 of […]

  7. New in Release 2.22: Save 30% On Your Cloud Bill, Declutter, and More!

    3 MINUTE READ release 2.22 is officially live, and it’s definitely one for the books. If you want to learn what we’ve added, including a way to save 30% on your cloud bill (!), read on for more details! Reclaim 30% of your cloud spending If you’re using, you’re already saving money by automating. Plus, you’ve […]

  8. Release News: What We’re Shipping with 2.21

    4 MINUTE READ’s 2.21 release is now live! This month we made a ton of changes, including more comprehensive spend reports, time-saving productivity hacks, faster processing within the application, and more. Check out the highlights below, and reach out on Twitter to let us know what you think and what else you’d like to see in future […]

  9. Release News: What We’re Shipping with 2.20


    Release 2.20 is now live, and it’s packed with features that offer something for everyone. We want to keep you up to speed on the relevant updates without needing to read all 55+ release notes. So this month, we’ve organized some of the highlights by use case. Read on to learn what we’ve added for […]