1. Simplify and Save Time with and AWS Security Hub


    I’m very excited to partner with AWS for our integration with AWS Security Hub, now available as of our 2.24 release. In Q2 of this year, we released our continuous compliance capabilities that featured an integration with Cloud Custodian, the multi-cloud, open source rules engine that provides an easy language to build out compliance checks and automated remediations. Our use of Cloud Custodian […]

  2. How We Give Back to the Open Source Community


    At, we benefit greatly from open source. The database that the product runs on is MySQL, the language we use to build our microservices is Go, and our continuous compliance engine leverages Cloud Custodian. One of our core values is focused on not reinventing the wheel. When a high-quality, open source option is available, […]

  3. Chaos Engineering Tests: Gremlin GameDay Lessons


    Now more than ever, it’s important to stress test software. People rely heavily on these solutions for everything from company meetings to grocery delivery. The ability to keep up with turbulent conditions or increased demands is critical. Fortunately, there’s a way to test for stability before things break. It’s called chaos engineering, and it is […]

  4. Integrating and AWS Control Tower


    I’m excited to announce our new integration with AWS Control Tower. We worked with the AWS Control Tower team to support the automatic enrollment of AWS accounts created by This means you can take advantage of AWS Control Tower and, without duplicating efforts. AWS Control Tower 101 AWS Control Tower was first announced […]

  5. Why a Multi-Account Cloud Approach Is the Best Choice


    We’ve long been an advocate of the multi-account cloud approach at In this post, I’ll share the reasons why you’re much better off with more, rather than fewer, accounts. A Good Idea at the Beginning When companies started moving workloads from on-prem to cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google, many of them adopted […]

  6. How We Optimize Development Workflows for Quick Delivery


    If you’ve worked as part of a software team (or even as an individual contributor on a project) you know that keeping issues organized and prioritized can be very challenging. Over the last 3 years of working on we’ve seen the project grow from a proof of concept running as a monolithic application, to a highly-available, […]

  7. Using the New AWS CalledVia Conditions


    AWS CalledVia conditions for Identify and Access Management (IAM) are some of the new conditions AWS just released that are based on the various AWS services through which actions are taken. These powerful new conditions can make a big impact in furthering your organizational guardrails and enforcing policy via IAM. The aws:ViaAWSService condition is a […]

  8. Leveraging VPC Sharing to Achieve Cloud Governance


    Governance at Scale and Networking The AWS governance at scale framework prescribes that every workload should have its own AWS account. Using an account as a security and compliance, identity and access management, and financial boundary is the recommended method for achieving a well-governed cloud. But adopting the full governance at scale architecture poses challenges […]

  9. Webhooks: Basics and Best Practices


    As an engineering team lead at, I spend a lot of time thinking over the different use cases for potential integrations with our software. A webhook is one of the tools we use to integrate with different types of infrastructure. When it comes to governing resources in your cloud, can automate a lot […]