Financial Management

Many organizations are surprised by their monthly cloud bill. And a mistake in the cloud – like leaving a test workload running over the weekend – can mean more surprises. Organizations struggle to get their arms around the cost of cloud development and apply a meaningful budget to a cloud account.

Who owns the bill for a particular cloud account? How should that bill be allocated – to a contract, R&D, other? How do you know if the budget limit for a particular cloud account is fast approaching? Who gets alerted when a budget is exceeded – and how can you stop this from happening?

Financial management is a core pillar of robust cloud governance. With, you can easily define your budget and allocate the right money to an account, track costs in the account, and see forecasted data. You’ll ensure the proper team members are notified if cloud spend is approaching a budget threshold. Most importantly, you’ll get confidence that budgets can’t be exceeded. delivers budget enforcement so you avoid a surprise in your monthly cloud bill. makes it easy to allocate funds, get cost visibility, and control spend – and hard to blow your budget.
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Budget and track dollars

Stop guessing about your cloud spend. Create unique funding sources, allocate funds, and track spend across accounts and cloud providers.

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Get real-time and forecasted data

Don’t wait for your cloud bill to be informed. Get a near-real-time view of your spend – across cloud providers – and plan for the future with forecasted data.

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Identify savings opportunities

Only pay for what you need. Identify cloud resources that are over-provisioned or abandoned, learn how much you could save, and make recommended adjustments to reduce wasted spend.

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Prevent blown budgets

Prevent bill surprises. Use enforcement actions to be alerted as costs approach a ceiling and to stop spend when a threshold is reached.

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