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Engineer Screencast #2: Settings


Our second engineering screencast walks you through the configuration of cloud service provider (CSP), user interface, and application settings. Configuring settings is a good first step after the initial deployment of the application.

The cloud service provider (CSP) settings encompass both AWS and the Azure settings. Both sections of the CSP settings allow you to import the managed AWS IAM policies and the Azure role definitions but, because of the federation method we use to provide users access to the AWS console, we allow users to customize more of those options.

The user interface settings allow you to customize visual aspects of the UI like the “Support” link available from the upper right user menu. Administrators can also set maintenance notices in the application using the “Custom Messaging” section, and set the SAML login as the default login mechanism in the “Login” section.

The application settings provide access to the remaining settings. You can set up an SMTP service so notifications can be sent to users via email as well as viewed in the application itself. Those notifications are available via the bell icon in the upper right corner. The “App API Access” section allows you to enable the API keys for The API is documented using Swagger. The Swagger UI is available to test endpoints on every installation;  just add /swagger to the base URL.

In our next video, we’ll show you how to set up your Billing Sources so can pull in your financial data.

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