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3 Ways to Accelerate Cloud Operations Success

If you suspect your organization is not getting all the value possible out of your cloud operations, you’re not alone. A recent Accenture survey found that only 35% of companies report fully achieving their expected outcomes across the cost, speed, business enablement, and service level categories. Reducing CapEx, speeding innovation for competitive advantage, harnessing the cloud’s scaling capabilities: these are the reasons you moved to the cloud. Being slow on one or more objectives means reduced value from your cloud.

In Only One Hour, Learn How To:

  • Integrate your identity management, service management, and cloud technologies to safely speed access to the cloud.
  • Implement boundaries – not roadblocks – around cloud access so your engineers have access to the latest cloud services to innovate.
  • Structure your cloud landscape so you can apply policies and budget in the best way to achieve flexibility, visibility, and control.

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