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Featured Tamer: Cameron


Meet Cameron, our marathon-running, Wellness-Challenge-winning team member, and DevOps engineer.

1. You celebrated your 1-year anniversary at earlier this month, how does it feel?

It feels good to be celebrating a 1-year anniversary, but time flies! I can remember when I started, and we were a lot smaller. I do feel that in just one year I’ve been able to make a significant impact, and it’s awesome to see how much has grown.

2. Time really does fly, especially when you enjoy your job. Walk us through a typical day as a DevOps engineer at

A typical day for me mainly involves working on tasks directly related to my team, but there are times when I help other teams here at This can range from helping Delivery & Support with Guided Evaluations/Installations for customers, all the way to providing technical support for our Partner Training program.

3. With such a range of responsibilities, tell us what you enjoy most about your position.

I enjoy the autonomy and the ability to wear multiple hats as a DevOps engineer. The work variety is awesome, and there's never a dull moment.

4. What keeps you motivated at work and off the clock?

I’ve always been self-motivated; and I always challenge myself to learn more and try new things. At work, I am motivated when I can accomplish any task, small or large, because I know that this is moving in the right direction! When I am not at work, I spend some of my time staying up to date with what’s going on in tech (like what's new in AWS). This is an exciting field with new technology being created every day, and it’s important to stay current.

5. just wrapped up a 2-month Wellness Challenge, how did you stay active throughout the challenge?

The Wellness Challenge was an awesome event and shout out to everyone on #teamred for working together to bring home 1st! I love to run so that’s primarily what I did throughout the challenge, but I also dusted off my bike and got out and logged some bike miles as well.

6. Training for any upcoming marathons?

At the moment, I am not training for any upcoming marathons. I was hoping to register for a race in the fall, but due to COVID-19 a lot of events have been postponed or canceled altogether. Right now, I am just staying in shape so that I can be ready for next season.

7. What playlist gets you through a long-distance run?

When I first started out, I listened to music all the time, but over the past few years I’ve changed up and I actually don’t listen to music at all while running.

8. Are you a music-during-the-day or do you keep it quiet during work hours?

At work it’s a different story! When I know I will have uninterrupted time to work on tasks then I am generally always listening to music.

9. What else keeps you busy outside of work?

Besides being active, I spend a lot of time traveling as I enjoy seeing new parts of the world. I always make time for friends and family, and I love a good book every now and then.

color photo of cameron and his WFH setup

Cameron and his WFH setup (complete with casual inclusion of the tshirt of the Wellness-Challenge-winning Red Team).

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