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How It Works

How to Achieve Cloud Governance

Cloud governance is the first step on the path to a well-managed cloud. But many organizations struggle to implement and realize organization-wide governance across their cloud environments. is a proactive multi-cloud governance solution that addresses the key requirements of a complete governance solution:

  • Account Management: Centrally manage all cloud accounts and resources aligned to your organizational hierarchy.
  • Budget Enforcement: Align your budget to your organizational structure, and enforce your budget with actions to alert, freeze spend, and terminate spend.
  • Continuous Compliance: Automate compliance with robust, inheritable access policies to ensure adherence to regulations, restrict use of non-compliant cloud services, and report and remediate issues.

With, you get a convenient, central location for all your cloud users and all your cloud governance activities. Your users go to a single place to view, use, and manage cloud resources with context-based spending and compliance status.