How Works

Architecture Overview is a collection of microservices that are deployed directly within your cloud account. It is not an externally hosted SaaS offering; you host the entire application within your cloudThis keeps your login credentials private, and it means you retain full control of your data. 

Our software also leverages a variety of cloud-native services and reports for both the database and the application. In AWS, for example, we send reports from your AWS management account to an S3 billing bucket, which the software will access via an IAM service role (cloudtamer-service-role), as shown below. 

diagram to show how is deployed directly within cloud accounts



When you log in to the web front-end, actions you take in trigger a request to the appropriate microservice and, if applicable, carry out actions in your cloud environment. We also provide native access to the cloud console right within, allowing you to move seamlessly between our interface and your cloud provider’s console for maximum flexibility. 

Technical Details 

We deploy’s back-end database and web front-end application using AWS CloudFormation templates or Azure Resource Manager templates, depending on your cloud provider. These tools allow us to quickly set up our software’s high availability architecture in your environment.  

Once installed, runs on a load-balanced series of instances with an AWS Aurora MySQL database or an Azure Database for MySQL. 

For more details on the services and tools we leverage for each cloud provider, see our FAQs page

We designed’s architecture around what our customers need: security, accuracy,  and high availability. We deliver on that in many ways. 

Why We Built This Way 

Data Privacy

We never have access to your private data because you’ll be self-hosting the entire application. The deployment is done during a live guided installation, so you’ll never give us your private login credentials either.

Super Fresh Data

Our micro services calculate your costs in near real-time, since the data on your cloud provider’s billing reports may be up to 24 hours old. This means a more up-to-date picture of your cloud spend and instant action on financial enforcements that you set.

Zero Downtime

Microservice architecture means that runs separate processes for cloud control. The lightweight and independent nature of our micro service architecture makes us resilient and capable of delivering new features frequently with zero downtime for our users