Integrations makes cloud control easier in many ways, but users especially love our easy integrations. We work together with all your team’s favorite tools for compliance, workflows, communication, data analysis, and more. 

Best of all, you can use’s public API, your tools’ APIs, and webhooks to integrate with many other services and applications we haven’t listed here. The possibilities are endless! 

Featured Integrations 

We’ve rounded up a list of the most frequently requested tools that integrate with our software. 

ServiceNow logo to show integration with

ServiceNow is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for organizations that need to manage workflows and provide technical support to their customers. Our integration allows your team to create a project, a cloud provider account, funding source, and new active directory group(s) and users—all from a single workflow within ServiceNow. If your team loves ServiceNow, they’ll love this integration. 


Jira Software logo to show integration with

Jira lets you plan, track, and manage your development and workflow processes with ease. The integration with Jira automates the creation of SecOps tickets from compliance findings, so they can go from findings in your dashboard to a to-do in your Jira task list in no time. logo to show integration with is a tool to consolidate and evaluate compliance vulnerabilities. Our integration lets you effortlessly pull in your compliance vulnerabilities and report them on’s compliance overview. This is great if you’re using multiple tools to track compliance; you’ll have all the info in one central, easy-to-use location without doing double the work. 


splunk logo to show integration with

Splunk lets you search, monitor, and analyze big data for easy visualization. You can use Splunk’s integration with CloudWatch to analyze your data, and you can leverage a Cloud Custodian utility to send compliance violation information from to Splunk as well. You can read more in our blog article about this integration. 


Slack logo to show integration with

Slack is a popular tool for communication across teams. We integrate with Slack using a Cloud Custodian utility that lets you send notifications of compliance violations via Slack, so you’ll stay in the loop. You can read more in our blog article about this integration. 


AWS Security hub logo to show integration with cloudtamer.ioAWS Security Hub 

AWS Security Hub provides a view of security alerts and findings across your AWS accounts. In, you can create compliance checks using native Cloud Custodian policies that interact with Security Hub in each of your AWS accounts, making it much easier for your teams to manage compliance and remediation. You can read more in our blog article about this integration. 


AWS control tower logo to show integration with
AWS Control Tower 

AWS Control Tower helps AWS users set up and manage multi-account AWS environments. Our integration lets you take advantage of consistent VPC configuration, centralized audit and logging via CloudTrail, and Service Control Policies (SCPs) to prevent users from violating key AWS best practices. You can learn more in our blog article on this integration. 


MFA Solutions integrates with Yubico and Google Authenticator to support MFA when using the internal directory. This allows customers to use TOTP (via Google Authenticator) or U2F (via YubiKey) for MFA with the internal directory for extra security while logging in. 


SAML 2.0 and Active Directory IDMS 

We integrate fully with Microsoft Active Directory and SAML 2.0 so you can log into using providers like Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, PingFederate, Google, and more. This lets users access using familiar logins and consolidates user management. 


More Integrations 

Here are even more tools that integrate with 

  • Jenkins
  • Terraform 
  • Puppet 
  • GitHub 
  • GitLab 
  • Bitbucket 
  • New Relic 
  • Cloud Custodian compliance policies
  • Azure policy definitions for cloud compliance
  • LOTS MORE using APIs and webhooks!