Ending the Spreadsheet Method of Cloud Governance

We recently partnered with AWS to host a webinar on how to go from manual to automated cloud governance.

Organizations typically run into a need for governance as cloud use grows and they start asking questions like:

    • How do I determine the current state of all cloud users and control their access across my enterprise?
    • How do I ensure adherence to IT budgets in a pay-per-use model?
    • How do I ensure deployments and operations are compliant with relevant legal, regulatory, and contractual policies?

The old way of getting answers – expending labor hours, manually tracking cloud accounts and users via spreadsheets, and storing policies in binders – can’t keep up with the pace of cloud adoption.

Cloud governance at scale requires automation

The governance@scale model that AWS highlighted in the webinar can help customers retire manual processes and replace labor with automation to:

    • Provision and map accounts to your organization structure
    • Enforce budget actions to prevent cost overruns
    • Deploy accounts consistent with policies such as NIST and HIPAA

The cloudtamer.io solution can help you achieve cloud governance@scale across account management, budget enforcement, and compliance automation.

Start retiring your spreadsheets

To learn more best practices – and retire your spreadsheets – watch the replay of Retire the Spreadsheet and Accelerate Adoption with Automated Cloud Governance.


Marianna is the cloudtamer.io Product Marketing Manager.