Who We Help

We govern over $120M of cloud spend for
our customers.

chief financial officerCFO

Someone told me there’d be cost savings. Not only are we not saving, we’ve blown a budget more than once.
cloudtamer.io monitors spending and enforces spend limits so blown budgets are a thing of the past.
  • View cloud financials and spend across the organization.
  • Gain confidence with alert notifications and automated enforcement actions to prevent overspend.
  • Plan for the future with forecasted spend data.


chief information officer for cloud environmentsCIO

We had a data breach after a team member mistakenly posted content to a public bucket. Reacting to issues is becoming routine.
cloudtamer.io gives you confidence about security by stopping issues before they arise.
  • Get the big-picture view of compliance regimes across the organization.
  • Gain confidence with approved baseline accounts and auto-applied configurations.
  • Replace guesswork with security and compliance enforcement.

cloud operations leaderCloud Operations Leader

I can’t adequately respond to requests from the business regarding our cloud use and spend. And my team spends too much time on routine tasks.
cloudtamer.io simplifies and automates the work required to achieve full benefits of the cloud.
  • Easily create accounts, approve requests, and grant access.
  • Scale from 0 to 1000’s of accounts – both new and existing.
  • Reduce time spent maintaining and enforcing approved configurations and policies.

commercial cloud software customerTechnical and Business Users

It takes days for me to get a cloud account provisioned. Once I do, I can’t keep track of all the spreadsheets outlining the permitted services or resources I can use.
cloudtamer.io removes the roadblocks and mystery around cloud access, permitted policies, and allowed spend.
  • Get native access to cloud and no-delay availability to latest cloud services.
  • Use a single interface – and a centralized approach for budget and compliance – across all your cloud accounts.
  • Get visibility into permitted resources and services – as well as project budget.