Why cloudtamer.io

With your choice of cloud management tools, including services offered by your cloud provider, you might be wondering, “why cloudtamer.io?”

cloudtamer.io is a cloud governance solution, which means it goes beyond cloud management. But even among other cloud governance tools, cloudtamer.io is in a league of its own.

The cloudtamer.io Difference

If you want complete cloud control, nothing matches cloudtamer.io. This is, first and foremost, because we offer all three pieces necessary for cloud control. While other tools may claim to be “all in one,” most offer only one or two of these three critical components for cloud success.

Automation & Orchestration Financial Management Continuous Compliance 


the three pillars of cloud control


But the cloudtamer.io difference is more than that. Even if you cobbled together a piecemeal solution using multiple tools, the fine print shows how cloudtamer.io beats them all across every component 

We Provide:

  • Enforcement actions for proactive control vs reactive damage control. Our financial enforcements send alerts or cut off spending when you hit set thresholds. Other tools just report on cloud financials, which isn’t control at all if it doesn’t actually do something to keep blown budgets from happening in the first place. Stop worrying about missing email alerts and rest easier knowing that cloudtamer.io is enforcing your rules.
  • Multi-cloud control. We support multiple cloud providers. This means that we provide cloud control across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, and we offer a more holistic picture of your policies, spend, and compliance across all environments. Other tools (especially cloud-native tools) do not offer this level of flexibility and can further lock you into their platform. cloudtamer.io is the gateway to your enterprise multi-cloud through a common, user-friendly experience.
  • Automations built in familiar languages. We don’t use proprietary languages to automate your cloud like other solutions do. This means your cloud ops team can work in languages that are familiar to them, like JSON and YAML. It also means the work they’ve already done transfers over easily, so cloudtamer.io can consistently apply your rules across your accounts and projects without duplication of effort.
  • A private, self-hosted architecture. cloudtamer.io installs in your AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud environment, so your data is 100% private and we never have your cloud login credentials. Other third-party products are externally hosted SaaS tools that require access to your data but our platform is deployed directly within your cloud account. Plus, with cloudtamer.io being hosted in your environment, the integration options for your existing IT investments are limitless.
  • Native access to your cloud. Cloud providers release tons of new features every month. With cloudtamer.io, you get instant, native access to those features because authorized users can federate directly into your cloud console. Tools with brokered access provide a limited, watered-down catalog that slows your ability to innovate while you wait for them to support your cloud provider’s new services.
  • Organization-wide visibility. We let you see your cloud access policies, financial data, spend, and compliance across your entire organization in our intuitive org chart. This means all of your cloud accounts and projects can be aligned to the way your organization does business no matter the depth, breadth, or structure. Other tools rarely provide org-wide visibility, or they only provide a few of these views.
  • Super-customized funding “buckets.” We let you create spend plans that match how you actually track money. With cloudtamer.io, you can easily separate funding from O&M, R&D, external grants, and more. Design custom budgets that align with funding expiration dates (a key requirement in the government space), then allocate funds to projects and departments that mirror your actual organization. Other financial tools have limited options for customization and won’t let you use start/end dates that are not aligned to calendar years.
  • Always-up-to-date reports. We use microservices to query your cloud and give you results that are as fresh as they come. From estimating cloud spending to ensuring that configurations are in sync, cloudtamer.io provides near-real-time information and control of your cloud. After all, you can’t make accurate decisions with spend reports from cloud provider tools that are 12-24 hours old.
  • Onboarding is easy. Our customers rave about our quick install and configuration process. We’ll take you from guided evaluation to up-and-running with cloud control in no time, which means less time spent transitioning and more time spent on critical tasks. 
  • A simpler solution for all your users. We want life to be simpler in the cloud, so we designed a solution that works for all your users and lets you focus on other priorities. Other tools require extensive training, and even after months of use you may not understand how to use all of their features.

The Bottom Line

cloudtamer.io is the best choice for total cloud control. But what does this mean for our customers?

On average, our clients have:
icon to represent saving 30% on your cloud bill icon

Reduced annual cloud
cost by 30%

icon to symbolize increasing the speed to get access to the cloud from 2 weeks to minutes

Decreased time to get access to the cloud from 2 weeks to minutes

Icon to symbolize automating key compliance and security standards in <2 hours

Satisfied key compliance and security standards
in <2 hours


What more can we say? If full control of your cloud is what you’re looking for, request a demo today.